Pediatric Sleep Testing

We offer diagnostic sleep procedures for children ages one year and up. One adult must always stay with the child during their overnight sleep procedure. There is a separate sleeping area for the parent in the same room with the child. Please encourage them to bring a favorite stuffed animal, blanket, or pillow. A DVD player is available to make your child’s stay as pleasant as possible.

Depending on their sleep history, your child may need to stay one night and the following day for two diagnostic sleep procedures. Some sleep disorders can only be diagnosed with an overnight sleep study followed immediately with a daytime Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT).

Young Girl Prepared for a Sleep Study

Prepare for Your Child’s Sleep Studies

  • Check in time is after 7:30 at the sleep lab on the evening of your study.
  • Bring something comfortable for your child to sleep in and anything that will make them feel more at home. Include any toiletry items they may require.
  • If your child takes medications, please administer them before you arrive or bring them with you.
  • Please do not give your child any caffeinated beverages; only decaf or caffeine-free beverages 8-12 hours before your sleep study begins.
  • Before you arrive, please bathe your child and wash their hair thoroughly. Avoid hair products.
  • Be sure to bring diapers and any other items necessary for your child throughout the night.
  • A regular daily activity level should be maintained the day of the study with the exception of your child taking a nap. Please, no naps the day your child is to be tested, if at all possible.
  • There will be a sleep technologist monitoring your child’s sleep study. The test is also recorded by video camera.
  • It takes approximately 30-40 minutes to apply the necessary equipment for your child’s sleep study.
  • There is a cable TV available in each private room for your child’s entertainment while waiting to begin their test.
  • The sleep study will begin as close to your child’s regular bedtime as possible. Lights are out and TVs off between 9:00pm and 10:00pm, as we must try to obtain 5-6 hours of recording time to complete the procedure.
  • Your child’s study will end at approximately 6 – 6:30am the following morning, unless ordered or arranged otherwise. Once the equipment is removed, your child is free to get dressed and go home, providing a daytime Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT) has not been scheduled.
  • If your child is scheduled to have an MSLT, it will follow the overnight test starting in the morning with a series of four or five 20 minute naps. Breakfast and lunch will be provided for MSLT patients. The daytime test will end approximately between 3:00 – 4:00pm.
  • The moderate amount of paste that remains in your child’s hair is completely water soluble and will wash out with hot water and shampoo.


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